Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Guilty pleasure

Bacalhau or Bacalao or Codfish
There is nothing intrinsically wintry about salt cod -- it was, obviously, invented to escape the seasons -- but I start to crave it when it gets cold.

A long time ago, at a Basque restaurant in Barcelona, I was served salt cod so salty I was sure they were fucking with me, but I bet I'd like it now. I only soak it for a few hours.

Of course, cod is probably number one on the list of the things one should avoid eating for ethical reasons, but I just can't help buying a few pounds every year. This is one food that I'm happy to be hypocritical about.

Note: Many excellent photos on flickr, including what may be my new favorite non-liquor store, in Seville, above, by GLUZ. Seems like a lot of Portuguese love bacalhau so much they vacation in Norway...


Blogger Mike said...

Personally, I settle my moral demons this way: for every 10lb of cod I eat each year, I go out and shoot 5 deep-sea fishermen.
Not really, of course.
Sometimes I can only track down a couple.

Tue Jan 23, 10:29:00 PM GMT  

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