Friday, April 20, 2007

Life churns on here -- like gorgonzola under a microscope

Because I normally only mention the New Yorker to excoriate it -- and Gopnik in particular -- I'd like to point out that his piece on Kingsley Amis seems about right. I've been reading Larkin's letters (whence the awesome microbial turn of phrase above) and, miraculously, nothing Gopnik wrote directly contradicted reason or the evidence of the letters. Suppose I'd have to check Amis's to be sure...

I did however notice the first typo in the magazine in possibly ever: "born" for "borne" somewhere in Jianying Zha's excellent Letter from Beijing. Fucked if I can find it now.

The issue is also notable for the first contribution from Patricia Marx that isn't inscrutably useless, and the revelation that Manny Ramirez's two eldest sons are both named Manny Jr.

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Anonymous dubarry said...

all of george foreman's sons are named george jr. - vi i think.

Tue Apr 24, 08:44:00 PM GMT  

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