Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Because I am an old person, I bought the collector's edition of Closer last week. Standing in line, I realized that it was the first CD I ever bought, 21 years ago. How's that for instant mortality? [Actually, I didn't buy it, I got it and The Age of Quarrel for Christmas with my first CD player]. Anyway, someone stole it in high school, and I never bothered to replace it.

In my dotage, I want to listen to Still approximately 40% of the time that I want to listen to music, which is not very often, because, in case you haven't been following me on this, I'm old. I love Still with the intensity of a thousand suns. The problem is, I only have it on vinyl. But I am mostly too lazy to listen to vinyl now. So instead of buying Still on CD, I bought Closer.

My excuse is that the "collector's edition" features a previously unreleased live disc which on first listen appears not to have been released for a reason. But it seemed like a good idea because I cannot track down a copy of Les Bains Douches, an excellent previously unreleased live show that is out of print.

In short, I was brutalized by intimations of my impending death for buying one CD that I didn't really want instead of buying two CDs that I do want.

(This is the best part: I love Still so much I had to make sure I hadn't already written something embarrassing about it. Thankfully not; instead I discovered that I've been failing to solve my problem for at least a year and a half. Genius.)

As long as I'm wasting our time:
Death. is. this. communion. fucking. rocks.
As noted before to general stupefaction, Matt Pike shreds. Also, surprisingly elfin in person. They go back on tour in January.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fyi, Les Bains is for sale on ebay. there's even a CD version released in 2003 from the uk.

Editorial review:
5 stars out of 5 - ...Mesmerising....These are performances by four irascible red-blooded males: desperate, sweaty, urgent and angry...
Uncut (06/01/2003)

Fri Nov 09, 04:13:00 PM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

I know, thanks. You can buy it from Amazon sellers too. The sad thing is a friend of mine has the CD and I've been too lazy to burn it.

Fri Nov 09, 05:12:00 PM GMT  
Blogger JV said...

High on Fire is playing at the Blue Lamp in Sac. The Blue Lamp is about as big as my linen closet. That will probably be a good show. Too bad I'm too damn old to go.

Sat Nov 24, 05:38:00 AM GMT  
Blogger JV said...

Also, duh, buy Still for 5 bucks like I did.

Sat Nov 24, 05:42:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Ewa said...


....mmmm.... totally mesmerising

Sat Feb 02, 04:18:00 PM GMT  

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